The following are requirements for Domestic Applicants only who wish to register as practicing members. For Internationally Educated Applicants, see

Level 1: Agrologist-in-Training

The following are required to become an Agrologist-in-Training and be registered with MIA:

  • Agrologist-in-Training Application for Registration Form (Online or PDF)
  • Application Fee Payment of $100.00 (Can be paid online or by cheque)
  • Letter or Reference (PDF) - see instruction below
  • Education Verification: An original copyof the transcript/s

Level 2: Full Status

Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) or Technical Agrologist (Tech.Ag.)

An Agrologist-in-Training must complete the following tasks to become registered as a P.Ag. or Tech.Ag. with MIA:

A. Complete the MIA Professionalism and Ethics Seminar. MIA will inform you of the date a few weeks before the seminar.

B. Participate in either three activities sponsored by MIA or one activity sponsored by MIA plus the MIA Annual General Meeting. MIA will provide you with details in advance Complete 20 Professional Development credits. Your AIT Letter of Acceptance will provide you with detailed information on this process.

C. Participate in the Certification and Mentorship Process. You will either select a mentor-who must be a P.Ag. - or contact MIA to help you connect with one. Once MIA knows the name of your mentor, MIA will send both you and your mentor a booklet that explains how to complete the certification and mentorship process.

The purpose of the Certification and Mentorship Process is to connect Agrologists-in-Training to established professionals and to develop an inderstanding of the professional practice standards of behaviour as outlined in the Code of Practice. This also gives a sense of community and cooperation among Agrologists in Manitoba. The mentorship process is an important post-registration requirement. In some cases, MIA communicate and work with your Mentor to complete the Certification Form and Recommendation. This should be forwarded to MIA when completed and signed.

D. Pay all fees associated with the Agrologist-in-Training status

Once the requirements of an Agrologist-in-Training are complete, you will be granted the P.Ag. or Tech.Ag. designation.

If you wish to include supplementary statements or materials such as a resume or if you have specific work experience(s) that needs to be described in more detail, you may submit these along with the required documents.