Provincial Council

Provincial Council

The Provincial Council is the governing body of the Institute. The Council is made up from two groups - members of MIA elected by their peers and members of the public appointed in accordance with the Agrologists Act. The Council includes the President and the Vice-President and its main purpose is to establish policy for the Institute and set standards in the public interest.

The Council appoints committees required by the Act to ensure proper functioning of the MIA. The Committees are: Admission and Registration; Professional Standards;  Complaint Review; Judiciary Committee; Audit; Ownership Linkage; and, Governance.

Provincial Councilors

Richard Kieper, P.Ag., President
      • Product Manager, Paterson Grain 
      • Registered member since 2002

James Fehr, P.Ag., Vice-President 
      •  Senior Account Manager, Royal Bank of Canada 
      •  Registered member since 1998
Allen Tyrchniewicz, P.Ag.
      • Business Owner, Tyrchniewicz Consulting Inc.
      • Registered member since 2007
Gordon Earl, P.Ag.
      • Consultant, GRE Ag Consulting Ltd
      • Registered member since 1979
Ray Redfern, P.Ag.
      • President, Redfern Farm Services 
      • Registered member since 1969
Bev Dunlop, P.Ag.
      • Range Management Specialist, Agri-Environment Services Branch, AAFC
      • Registered member since 1996
Darren Keam, P.Ag.
      • Senior Soil Scientist, MMM Group Ltd.
      • Registered member since 2003
Kerri-Lyn Szwaluk, P.Ag.
      • MMM Group
      • Registered member since 2002
Digvir Jayas, P.Ag.
      • Vice-President - Research and International, University of Manitoba
      • Registered member since 1997
Hushton Block, P.Ag.
      • Research Scientist, Beef Production Systems, AAFC
      • Registered member since 2007
Lori-Ann Kaminski, P.Ag.
      • ARDI, Program Officer, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiative
      • Registered member since 2004
Mark Howe, P.Ag.
      • Director of Marketing & Professional Development, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP (TDS)
      • Registered member since 2001
Derek Baschuk, Appointee representing the Public
      • Teacher, Garden Valley High School, Winkler


The Council Committee Leads and their responsibilities are:

Admission and Registration - Allen Tyrchniewicz, P.Ag.

      • Makes recommendations to Council regarding requirements and standards for admission and registration as a member of MIA.
      • Considers applications for admission and registration in accordance with the Act, the Bylaws and policies, and decides whether to approve, place conditions upon, suspend, or refuse an application.

Professional Standards - Ray Redfern, P.Ag.

      • Identifies, defines, and makes recommendations to Council regarding standards of practice for agrology in general, for each member category, and any specialties as required in the best interests of the public.
      • Identifies, defines and makes recommendations to Council regarding continuing competence requirements and the assessment of those requirements in the best
        interests of the public.
      • Makes a referral to the Complaint Review Committee regarding competence or unprofessional conduct.

Complaint Review - Appointed as Necessary

      • Elected members of Council and members of the Judiciary Committee are not allowed to sit on this Committee.
      • Recommends related procedures to Council.
      • Reviews complaints about members.
      • Investigates a complaint in accordance with the Act, the Bylaws and policies, by taking any steps the committee considers necessary, including summoning before it the member whose conduct is the subject of the complaint.
      • Makes a written report to the Judiciary Committee recommending action regarding formal complaints.

Judiciary Committee - Appointed as Necessary

      • Elected members of Council and members of the Complaint Committee are not allowed to sit on this committee.
      • Recommends related procedures to Council and publish all approved procedures to the public.
      • Reviews reports received from the Complaint Review Committee.
      • Conducts a hearing if necessary and make written orders and impose penalties or conditions on a member in accordance with the Act, the bylaws and policies.

Audit - Lori-Ann Kaminski, P.Ag.

      • Specifies scope of audit prior to outside audit.
      • Identifies a slate of competent auditors from which the Council can choose.

Ownership Linkage - Darren Keam, P.Ag.

      • Plans for ownership linkage work for council consideration annually and subsequent implementation of the plans.

Governance - Richard Kieper, P.Ag.

      • Screens potential Council members for Council consideration.
      • Assures that training of new Council members is completed.
      • Assures that Bylaws and the Act are current and relevant.
      • Identifies a multi-year strategy to assure a legislative environment conducive to regulation in the public interest for Council consideration and implementation
      • Prepares for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and AGM plan document for Council consideration.

MIA Staff

Jim Weir, Executive Director/Registrar,  

Estel Facundo, Administrative Officer,

Jennifer Esquibel, Admission and Registration Assistant,