MIA expects registered members will practise ethically and competently. For example, an Agrologist should:

  • Maintain required records
  • Correct a situation that may endanger the safety or welfare of the public
  • Maintain adequate skills and competencies
  • Follow a client's reasonable instructions
  • Disclose a conflict of interest
  • Be honest and courteous
  • Not share confidential information without authorization

If you are concerned about the conduct or competency of a member, a formal complaints process is available through MIA. The complaints process is part of the process by which MIA protects the public and governs its members. Any member of the public, employers, clients, or professionals can make a complaint about the conduct or competency of:

  • An MIA member
  • A former MIA member whose membership was valid within two years of the date of the complaint

MIA takes all complaints seriously and will review each complaint to determine if an investigation is required. In some cases, a decision will be made not to investigate a complaint. A complaint may also be referred to another agency.

If an investigation begins, MIA may contact the complainant for further information. Following an investigation, a complaint may result in remedial or disciplinary action, or may be dismissed.

Issues can often be resolved through direct communication and without the need for a formal complaint. If suitable, you may consider this option.