Application Forms

The application forms are for Domestic Applicants only. You are a Domestic Applicant if all your education in whole is taken in any University or College in Canada.

For Internationally Educated Applicants, see You are an Internationally Educated Applicant if all your education in whole or in part is taken outside of Canada.

Affiliate or Associate (Regulated/Non-Practising)


To register as an Affiliate or Associate, you must complete the following forms: 

MIA Afflilate or Associate Registration Form 

MIA Self-Disclosure Form 

Agrologist-in-Training (Regulated/Practising)


To register to practise Agrology (P.Ag. or Tech.Ag.)* in Manitoba, you must:

A. Complete the following form: MIA Self-Disclosure Form

B. Apply online or complete the following application form: MIA AIT Application Form

*The Admission and Registration Committee (ARC) will determine whether you qualify for P.Ag. or Tech.Ag. status based on your formal education assessment. See the Agrologist-in-Training Registration Application for details.

Senior Level, Experienced Application (Regulated/Practising)

Complete all four requirements (application form/apply online, self-disclosure form, pay fee, submit transcript/course-by-course evaluation) and submit the senior level, experienced application form

Prairie-wide Registration Transfer and Multi-Province Registration Process

The three Prairie Agrologists Institutes (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) work together and have the same standard process making it easy to transfer registration or become registered in more than one province.

If you are currently a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) registered and practicing in one province and need to be registered in another province due to a work transfer or because you intend to work in more than one province, follow the three-step process below:

  1. Contact your home institute and inform them that you are required to become registered in another province (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba). Authorize them to send your file documents to the other province.
  2. Complete a registration application form from the province(s) in which you want to become registered. The registration form is necessary as it allows the receiving province to capture needed information and open a new file for you. You will be contacted as soon as your file documents are received. Download MIA Transfer/Multiple Province Registration Form
  3. Pay the appropriate fees in the receiving province(s).

The transfer process is consistent with requirements of "The Agreement on Internal Trade" regarding the movement of qualified professionals from one regulated jurisdiction to another. The process is efficient, reduces paperwork, and ensures the public is protected. Agrology is a regulated profession in all ten provinces in Canada.  

For further information on the agrology profession in Canada, visit Agrologists Canada


If you have been previously registered with MIA or another Provincial Agrologists Institute and are seeking to have your registration reinstated, and if you are not subject to disciplinary procedures, you will not be required to re-submit academic qualifications or other information related to your competency unless you intend to change your scope of practice.

Download reinstatement form, fill, sign, and send to by mail, fax, or email. Reinstatement fee is $50 payable to Manitoba Institute of Agrologists.