About Agrologists Manitoba

About Agrologists Manitoba

Founded in 1950, the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists (Agrologists Manitoba) is an organization of professionals that is governed by the provisions of the Agrologists Act, enacted in 1983 by the Legislature of the Province of Manitoba.

The Act gives Agrologists Manitoba the mandate and the responsibility to license agrologists and regulate the practice of agrology in the province. Only those who are admitted to membership in the Institute and who maintain their credentials are entitled by provincial legislation to practice agrology in the province.

It is the Institute's responsibility to protect the public interest by ensuring its members are qualified and competent to provide knowledge of and advice on agriculture and agricultural products.

The Provincial Council, the equivalent of a board of directors, is responsible for governing the Institute and establishing the standards for the profession.

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The following objectives have been established by the Council of MIA.

  1. To make the profession of agrology of increasing service to the agricultural industry and the community as a whole by:
    • promoting the highest standards of excellence in research, education, extension and all forms of public service.
    • maintaining high standards of knowledge, integrity and ethics.
    • promoting greater co-ordination among members in their efforts to improve conditions in the agricultural industry.
    • protecting the industry from exploitation by unqualified, dishonest or fraudulent practitioners.
  2. To attain recognition for the profession of agrology by developing an understanding and appreciation of its role by members, by farmers, by all other members of the agricultural industry and by the members and representatives of other professions and industries.
  3. To advance the professional and economic status of members.
  4. To act as a voice on behalf of the profession.

There are about 670 practicing agrologists in Manitoba. Members of the Institute have the choice of affiliating with a Provincial Branch (Winnipeg or Western Manitoba). The Branches undertake a number of activities and provide networking and educational opportunities for members through regular Branch Meetings.